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The technology is here to make recording your sex acts cheap and simple enough that it won’t disturb the progression of your sexual encounters.When you are recording a girl during sex, it would be wise to have her riding you on top for a while with your hands laying to your sides to clearly show that she is engaged in the sex act and loving your cock, regardless of how many Jager bombs she later claims impaired her mind.In the past, this was especially important for black men having sex with white women, since blacks were seen as “savages” who violated white purity, but today’s rape hysteria has a fixation on white men like we have seen recently in the Duke Lacrosse, UVA, and mattress girl rape hoaxes.

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Mr Zeger said that if the hunting society wanted to escape any further legal issues, and the inadvertent snapping of the public, then it should reduce the resolution of the cameras to a point that would make it impossible to indentify an individual from a picture.

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False rape accusations have reached such a fever pitch, as recently signified by a mattress-carrying attention whore and liar being rewarded for her phony story with an invite to the State Of The Union address, that it’s time men take extra-legal measures to protect themselves from Western women.

Not only is a woman’s word being taken above that of a man’s, often with full media encouragement and provocation, but 1 in 4 women are now certifiably mentally ill, at nearly double the rates of men.

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We’ve just started a storm of male persecution that may take years to resolve, and instead of waiting for everything to become rosy again, you must take the proper precautions today to not be victim of a bogus accusation that could ruin your life.

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